What Others Say


"A minute with Matthew is equal to a whole day with anyone else! What a fantastic Leadership Trainer"

 Richard Cook,
Managing Director at Global Excellence,  
Telephone – 0208 579 1980


“Matthew Hill has, by temperament, the exceptional ability to zero in on organizational or personnel problems with a frightening “Darwinian” lucidity and then, with Winston Churchill – like elegance and brilliance, provide a profound solution.

He represents a most unique personality and someone who can be recommended for any leadership or cross-cultural training challenge.” 

Patrick Schmidt,
Managing Director, 
American-German Cross-Cultural Consulting,
Strassbourg, France.
Telephone +33 388 44 36 52


Mark Bloomer writes – “A colleague in Sweden recommended Matthew to me to help me readjust to coming ‘home’ after a 5 year period working in South Africa.
His cross-cultural insights explained all the feelings which I was experiencing and what was ‘behind these feelings’ and he helped me to identify and address obstacles with pin-point accuracy

His amusing and enlightening explanations of the emotions which I, and my newly inherited team, were going through was uncanny.

The effects from his teachings were immediate and his coaching helped me and my whole group achieve a year of success.

In the first two days, Matthew added the most brilliant tools to my toolbox – I understand myself, my team and the emotions behind what drives us now, in a way I would have never thought possible – thank you.”

“It was like accelerated consultancy— Like a microwave oven, he offered a way to achieve results in a fraction of the time I have come to expect.

I had more ‘OMG’s’ or ‘penny drop moments’ in our first 3 hour session than I’d had in the previous year. The excitement that comes with running into the business arena with a whole new understanding and an overnight wisdom is a total buzz.”

“It is said that you should spend time sharpening your axe before cutting down the trees -Thank you Matthew – I suddenly feel very well equipped – my tools have never been sharper”

Mark Bloomer
Area Sales Manager
Swedish Steel.


"As an Engineer working for SAP, I signed up for one of Matthew’s courses, not knowing what to expect.

The course covered 'Problem Solving & Decision Making'. Matthew was very intelligent and absolutely delightful.

The session proceeded at a good pace, and at no point did I ever look at the clock. It ended up being a very informative course, and very lively at that.

I encourage anyone with an interest in developing themselves to sign up to one of Matthew’s courses. They are absolutely value-for-money."

Alex Klammrodt,
Engineer, SAP