What is the 5 Step Formula for SUCCESS? And have you got it?

September is ACTION month. When reflecting upon this my thoughts naturally wandered over to the components that separate the winners from the rest.

Here it is;

1. Desire.

Success comes with a clear burning passion to grow, change, move and get something and somewhere. It is written in STONE not wished for in a whisper.

Have you got it? A lot of people are blocked by cultural modesty or an inbred morality. They feel disgusted by improvement and riches.

Action – Get real, get a goal, build up your picture of the benefits and wider positive implication of you winning.  Let it sink in so that you OWN it. 

2 Belief.

Belief is another word for your unconscious autopilot. You will go toward what you believe, ALWAYS. Your Desire becomes your direction as you drip feed affirmations into your unconscious mind repeatedly. 

Action – Act as if. “I have the promotion”, “I have won the new account”, I have doubled my income” Conceive & Believe to ACHIEVE. 

3 Unplug your Failing Strategies.

Have a strategy. Take action and do something. If it looks like failure, UNPLUG it and….PLUG in another one. 

Action – Visualise plans and strategies as memory sticks or light bulbs. They are simple units that are there to serve us. They are not right or wrong or holy. Some work now and some don’t. It is not a big deal. Detach from the emotion of strategy. It is a tool. Nothing more. 

4 Professional Persistence.

The difference between poor people and happy people is the ability to keep on grinding. Do you shrug of a failure, bounce back and continue? In change it ALWAYS gets worse before it gets better. 

Action – Start, fail, dust off, move again. Rinse and repeat. 

5 Grow a Thicker SKIN.

Your success threatens other people. It dares to challenge their complacency and their comfort or, more likely, their settling for living a small life. They will try to drag you down to their level with “Can’t”, “Mustn’t” and “Shouldn’t” Drop these people, unplug the phone and focus on moving your TANK over the rough terrain.

The tougher voice to resist is the doubting nagging one in your OWN head. You have learnt to accept too much failure. You are quite comfortable with the status quo and, in fact, your may be terrified by success. 

Action – Brainwash yourself as to the personal and communal benefits of your success. Convince yourself of the beauty and potential of doing good from a position of positive and ethical wealth, power and control. 

That’s it. Simple really. 

September is ACTION month. Stop reading and start something amazing….TODAY. 

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