Finding personal power

Let's Find your Personal Power Together

Do you think you lack authority? Many Do. This blog aims to fill up your reserves of self-esteem and remind you where your power lies.

Work with me to rebuild your confidence and personal authority.

Let us begin with a definition…

“Influencing is the art of guiding the listener logically and emotionally along a pathway from not knowing to being informed, and deciding to do what is in their own interest. It centres on dialogue, exchange, truth, facts and the creation of intrinsic motivation, where the listener WANTS to take action.”

This definition was arrived at after working with 100’s of delegates and represents the learning and wisdom generated from those group sessions.

Power Sources.

Personal – Your life provides many examples of knowledge, experience (successes and, more importantly, survived failures), skills learnt and information gained. Along with your personality, these provide the basis for your interpersonal effectiveness.

So? What have you got?

Professional – The given authority of rank, title and hierarchical position lend assumed and automatic gravity to what you say and what example you actions set.

What power have you been GIVEN? 

Social – This is growing in importance with the explosion of Social Media. It comes in two parts. 1) Community – How many friends, connections and followers do you have? 2) Depth of relationship – Are these people acquaintances, friends, allies or ADVOCATES? Both size and depth matter.

The second part of Social takes us back to Personal – Your social equity and social role are important in determining the impact you have within your community.

Exercise; Take a moleskine and brainstorm the 3 Powers and see what you come up with. 

Good luck,


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Matthew Hill is a leadership author, coach and trainer with a passion for helping newly promoted managers become inner and outer leaders.
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