50 Ways to Build your Community (List / Database & Customers!)

The dream of passive income will fade unless you establish a fan base of people who want to know you, like you, trust you and buy from you. 

Below are 50 ways in which you can attract a bigger audience for your product or service. If I have missed anything out feel free to comment at the bottom.

Start HERE! 

Connect to people that you know using Linkedin – Be proactive and link as a friend if you have not actually exchanged invoices with them in business. They can always ignore the request if they feel it is too much of a stretch. 

Follow people on Twitter. Every time you think of a name – search for them on twitter. About 25% of strangers and 60% of friends will follow you back. 

Friend them on Facebook. If  you are of a certain age and are embarrassed by FB – get over it and get on with it. You don’t have to share your feelings – just information that is of value or well observed. 

Join Linkedin Groups – You may follow upto 50 groups. Find out who lets you post and who removes your posts and stick with the more liberal groups. Start by adding likes and comments. This can be a way of learning, contributing and building traction with experts in your field. 

Ask questions on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or within smaller communities  such as Ecademy etc. 

Join societies & organisations – The Federation of Small Businesses, Your local Chamber of Commerce, The Institute of Directors, The RSA, SIETAR UK, etc, 

Join pure networking groups – Business Consort, BNI, Urbano, etc. 

Collect business cards, connect with these people on Linkedin and mention where you met them. Add their e mail to your contact database. 

Trawl through all of your e mail inbox and make sure you have added every relevant contact to your database – most people will have missed 20 – 200 people. 

Write a review of the last 5 books you read, posting your informative and insightful words on Amazon under book reviews. Make sure to link the review to your website/blog site or linkedin profile. 

Like, share, comment, RT and forward high quality relevant material in your field of expertise. Only forward the very best posts. 

Tweet your blogs using magazine style headlines that ask questions, provoke and promote the emotions of pleasure or pain in your audience. 

Write great blogs and post them within a community, or via posterous or WordPress. Keep them short (300 – 550 words) pithy and full of relevance and value for the reader. Promote other references to you within the blogs. 

Convert your best blogs into podcasts using a £ / $20 microphone and your computer. Post on Ipadio. Develop your BBC or night DJ voice to help accelerate the acquisition of screaming fans. 

Distribute your blogs and podcasts to your contact base via e mail, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. Ask for comments and request that your fans forward your work. 

Upgrade your best podcasts into video – Grab a £50 digital all-in-one camera and ask a friend to stop shaking and start filming. 

Start a YouTube channel for your subject and post 4 – 10 high quality 4 – 5 minute videos that showcase your knowledge, engage the viewer and add real value to their lives. 

Film your talks, training sessions, pitches or interview an expert. Put your work on film. 

Promote your videos using e mail, twitter, linkedin and facebook. 

Synchronise you social media so that a post on one site is automatically duplicated to others in your portfolio. 

Design, promote and perform your own Webinar – Make if fast, fun and informative with plenty of provocation, interaction and dynamism. Practice, practice & practice to make sure it runs smoothly. 

Invite your database to the webinar. 

Ask your community to forward the webinar flier and invitation to people they think will benefit from the show. 

Use your webinar broadcast to upsell another event and offer a 2nd free seat to all those viewers who respond. This will…expand your community!


Be brave and fill a room. Design, organize and put on an Event. Make it special, find somewhere cheap, rope in friends as volunteers and give away up to 30% of the space to outsiders. 

Start a short, punch and high quality Newsletter that is fresh, valuable and a pleasure on the eye. 

Build an opt in on your web site for your newsletter. 

Create a “Product 4 ProspectsInformational item that you can give away in return for an opting in. This might be an audio file about your subject, an e book or a special report (pretentiously called a white paper!) 

Post invitations to your complimentary webinar on other bulletin boards – Coaching, Business Communities, Specialist Organisations etc. 

Follow journalists in your field via Twitter. Start a dialogue with some useful feedback on their column and engage in conversation – This may lead to you being quoted or interviewed. 

Guest blog on other important sites connected to your field of expertise. 

Follow the fans of your heroes on Twitter – some will follow you back. 

Ask for interviews with experts in your field. Write up the interview and publish it yourself or in a decent site/magazine. 

Invite experts to be interviewed by you within a webinar format. 

Record and distribute your webinars as a calling card and a boost to your credibility. 

Swap interviews with peers – You interview them in Summer and they can interview you back in Winter. 

Ask your fan base to RT you, Share your postings, Like your site and generally pass your stuff along. 

Develop a keynote/signature speech that you can deliver wherever, whenever. 

Edit all of your speeches and make a SHOWREEL – maybe with some music and certainly with titles and contact details. 


Organise a multi-speaker event with 3 – 4 complimentary experts in your field Agree to share the participant list and to cooperate on promotion. 

Review your most powerful blogs and reform their value in an E book. Publish on Amazon Kindle – Price it in pennies if you want the book to fly and promote you. 

The big one – When you are ready (NOW!) plan, schedule, write, publish and promote your BOOK – the tome that establishes you as an Authority/Expert/Superstar in your field. 

Using Fiverr, E Lance or People Per Hour, make a press releases that will help launch your product and message to a wider audience via magazines, blog sites and local radio. 

Build your platform to become an Expert. Your Social Media tick list should include a great dense Linkedin profile, plenty of endorsements, An Amazon Author page with plenty of reviews, stars and likes, a Show reel of public speeches, A professional Hub site with a welcoming film, opt ins to your newsletter and products4prospects and lots of testimonials. 

Borrow some fame – Get an Opinion Leader to write the foreword to your book, interview a star, get filmed together with an authority. 

Start intelligent dialogue on advanced Linkedin sites. 

Start your own Linkedin Group 

Start your own Facebook Group 

Joint Venture with someone who respects your depth and has a much bigger community that you do now. Offer your products and services to their database and a 50:50 split of the profits with your new partner. 

The End 

How many of the 50 are you already doing?

What have I missed – Please feel free to add your own suggestions.

Thanks for reading and good luck with building your community.

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