Webinar Event Invitation – Gain Self-Confidence & Learn to be Bold. 14th January 2013, 7PM, UK time.

Gain Self-Confidence & Learn to be Bold 

Register today and start building your self-confidence to feel better and more alive. 

We invite you to a complimentary web based seminar to discover and grow your personal power and to connect with your inner strength and certainty. 

This short show features;

 1) A 60 minute “webinar” programme that will take you through the 5 steps you need to improve your self-esteem, self-worth and inner confidence

2) Discover the 3 simplest of secrets to raising your self-confidence

3) Learn how to experience more personal certainty and control

4) See the benefits of living a centered and confident life

5) Start out on your step-by-step journey to total self-confidence and personal power

6) Apply your newfound confidence with a difficult boss, in a job interview for promotion, at an awkward team meeting or in a tricky negotiation where you want MORE 

You will Benefit;

1) Make the progress you deserve in your career, relationships and community

2) Learn to radiate calm and power

3) Be able to speak up in meetings

4) Use your ADVANCED levels of self-confidence to fulfill your destiny and make a difference in the world

5) Gain the strength to meet any challenge with courage and confidence

6) Begin to banish anxiety and nervous dithering forever

7) Find your voice and speak out against perceived injustice

8) Live a higher quality of life and help the ones you love

9) Take back more control at work 

You will have;

This short webinar will leave you bursting with fresh confidence and start you on the first step on your pathway to personal power, self-confidence and moving toward what you wish for in life. 

Places are limited to 100 – so first come first served. Don’t miss out on this rare complimentary opportunity to make a difference to your wealth, health and quality of life. 

Take Action NOW!

For Monday 14th January. 7PM. register at;


The Presenter

Matthew Hill is an author, broadcaster and master trainer with more than 10 year’s experience of coaching people like you in how to reach your goals, improve the quality of life and to find your voice to state and assert your key wants, needs and wishes. 

He has worked with such companies as Tesco, General Electric, Vodafone, SAP and Daimler Benz. 


Matthew’s programme helped me to become more assertive at work and to, “just say NO!”  TP, Daimler Benz, Germany 

This was the first webinar I have attended and I like the pace and fast flow of suggestions and ideas. Debby Wild, London 

You can learn more from Matthew in one hour that from other trainers in a whole day! – Richard Cook, Global Excellence Consulting, Ealing 

The Confidence programme made me feel so much better. I found out I was not alone and there was plenty to do to feel good about myself. Thank you for the course. Christine Glade, Canterbury. 

“I laughed a lot and learnt a lot!” Chris Knightly, Manchester 

I look forward to welcoming you soon. 

Kind regards,


Matthew Hill

Trainer, Author & Coach

Gain Self Confidence 



About matthew

Matthew Hill is a leadership author, coach and trainer with a passion for helping newly promoted managers become inner and outer leaders.
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