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Do You Need To Feel More Power and Confidence Before Going Into Your Next Meeting, Starting In 15 Minutes? – A Top Resilience and Confidence Tip – Recording Your Own Bespoke Affirmation Resource – Enjoy The Process & Love The Result. – A “How To” Post by Assertiveness and Presentation Skills Trainer, Matthew Hill #confidence #affirmation #resilience #power #success #feelgood

Invest in yourself and create a recording of your greatness to listen to, before each and every big occasion. Dream? Do you want to help yourself become super prepared and in-the-zone before making that speech, chairing that all important meeting, …

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What is your RETURN on WORK, Your RoW? a summer post by Matthew Hill

Its not all about the money is it? Can your efforts in the office be measured in the same way as your equity portfolio, your buy-to-let house or the rewards of taking a holiday? The following post promises to make …

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Bouncing Back from having a Bad Boss

Protecting yourself and creating a healthier dynamic in the workplace.   A post by Matthew Hill I recently coached a number of working heroes who had one thing in common. They suffered with challenging and irritating bosses. In this post we look …

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Gain Self Confidence – Big and Bold – Thursday, 18th September at 2PM

WEBINAR – Gain Self Confidence – Build it Big and BOLD To Register Click; https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1727686071472649474 This power hour of Confidence Ideas will leave you feeling free, light and positive – ready to face your challenges with courage and resourcefulness. 
Join …

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5 Requirements to attain Rewarding Resilience

"Don't Sweat the SMALL Stuff" (Richard Carson)  If we work with a simple definition of resilience – robust continuance in the face of threat, risk and change and the ability to stay grounded and resourceful – then we need to …

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