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The Transformational Leader’s Tool Box – 3 Impactful Ideas.

Matthew Hill draws upon his international training and coaching experience with 1000’s of managers to highlight 3 high impact ideas for creating a powerful start to the process of leading change within international and diverse teams in a competitive and stressful commercial world.

This interactive talk will include;
1) NLP language and analysis; Changing a few simple words in the leader’s vocabulary has a leveraged effect on the recipients belief system and can make the difference between resistance and engagement.

2) The forgotten competence of humility; Applying the principles of servant leadership and Jim Collins’ “Level 5” leadership to create ownership and responsibility within a new project team.

3) Using a combination of provocative enquiry and humour as a method to disrupt existing habits, and create the space for reflection and self-challenge that leads to growth and development.

The session will finish with the Team Charter exercise. The audience will be invited to share their experiences and form a consensus on the best team rules for eliciting powerful behaviours from a diverse team.

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Address Matthew Hill, International House, 62 Brudenell Road, London SW17 8DA,UK.

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