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How will you get your audience to rush the stage after your speech, waving lots of lovely green folding paper?

Opportunity or Cost?

A lot of people accept the offer to speak at a conference/congress/chamber event because their body floods with adrenaline when they start to imagine the glory and recognition that will follow. And, with sweat, structure and practice, you can bring the house to its feet and feel the love and warmth of all that applause.


A speech could also represent the poorest ROI – Return on your time and effort invested out of everything you do for the whole of this year.

Stop – Let us change all of that and match cash income and glory, to effort put in, and so, leave you smiling, long after the clapping dies down and the theatre lights dim.

Single Fastest Root To A Sale

Why speak from the stage?

The best reason is – When done well, public speaking is probably the single fastest method to warm up a cold but wealthy decision-making stranger in row G, from his or her distracted dream-world, and, lock them in on your warmth, wisdom and style, have them become engaged with your content, connect their need to your suggestions, feel feeling of deep love, and, have them RUN towards the stage and shout, “Can you do what you just did here, for my people, in my company, next month?” Bing Bang Bong – 0 to 100 in 6 seconds. Difficult to beat.

“Isn’t there a bit more to it?”

Yes. The speaker must own their subject, the stage, and, super-connect with the audience. All this BTW can be learnt, honed and brought to the required levels of excellence with instruction, coaching and practice (and maybe a little boost too from an exceptional speech writer!)

There are 11 essential elements that must be in your speech in order that it engages the audience fully and fills them up with an enormous desire to take action – to the point where the decision maker tightens the laces on their Nike running shoes, and, sets off down the aisle in your direction. More about the 11 essential elements elsewhere (Do call me for a complimentary chat if you are ready to put together your killer speech – Call Matthew now on 07540 65 9995.)

The most important of these 11 essential elements is the CTA.


Let me show you what I mean by illustrating what a CTA is NOT.


You have spoken for 15/25/45 minutes and end with, “So, in closing, thank your for listen to me going on about my thing / Pause / If you want to know a little bit more / Pause / then you might like to visit my website – h p p t ; // complex 767 website name 88 – 99 odd and forgettable  and go to the 3rd tab on the right hand side of the bluish box. This will bring up a code word that you now need to enter in the box on the first page of my second site. And put in the letters X99Y29 (case sensitive) and this will allow you one hour’s access to a PDF showing you our 2014 brochure. Sorry that this is the most up-to-date copy we have on the system.”

You get the idea.

DEATH by boredom, confusion and frustration will follow. This is not a CTA. This is a Call for any rich decision maker to vacate the place by the nearest fire exit or by smashing through a ground floor window and running away as quickly as their heavy wallets will allow.

Strong CTA Happy Audience

Getting your ACT Together to set up a compelling CTA

Before you accept the invitation to speak, realise that this could be 15 to 70 hours of prime business time that you are investing. Hours that cannot be spent on other things. Got that? Good.

Now, ask yourself the reflective questions that will turn this opportunity from a horror show to a sell-out success.

** What is your purpose?

** Who are you targeting with your business? Will they be present at this gig?

** What do they need, want and desire? Where is their pain? Can you supply then, help them or change their outcomes? Can you deliver value?

**Will the business opportunity they bring to you be manageable, profitable and sustainable?

When you have ticked these boxes and defined their nightmare, gap or void, and, matched it to your profitable offering, then you are in business.

BTW – Size matters – The audience must be of sufficient size or this is all for nothing. Did you know? – At any one time, only 3% of customers are ready to buy. If you wish to grab 3 sales from your next power speech, you need an audience of at least 300 qualified prospects! Just sayin’.

 Close that deal

Building your CTA

It is all about the set up. You must, shock them to interrupt their daydreaming, focus their attention on their lack, enhance their negative emotion by amplifying the cost of their issue, and, bring them back from the depths with a message of hope, firmly tied to you, your company and your solution.

Then, with the addition of further 11 essential elements sprinkled throughout your stage speech, it is time to make that CTA appeal.

****Are you excited?****

It can be a P4P – A product4prospects – This is the softest “offer”, where you supply something small and enticing in order to add them to your prospect list. If you give away a memory stick with a white paper on, a free consultation, etc. In return, the qualified-in audience member agrees to “opt in”, help you stay GDPR compliant, providing their first name, second name, E Mail address and permission for you to contact them.

Trip Wire – TW – Here you step up and close your first deal – Asking for a low priced sale immediately takes them way passed the prospect stage and changes their psychology and chemistry as they transform into your happy and excited new C-U-S-T-O-M-E-R. Whilst you will not be able to retire on the proceeds of their financial contribution, you have created a customer and so crossed the Rubicon. They have transitioned from an observer critic asking, “Why?” to become a mini-fan thinking, “I had better get in quick.”

Demonstration – Adding in scarcity (one of the other 11 essential elements), you offer the first 3 respondents a free demonstration of your unique model/method/process, either via webinar for those in the Outer Hebrides, or, face-to-face with a group of decision makers, if they are within a 2-hour journey of your office. When you insist the decision makers are present for the demo, you are helping yourself embed your solution with your prospect to get closer to a positive buying decision on your core offering.

Command and control

We do not use energy draining words – “Sorry, if, maybe, you might like to, any questions, etc.” No. We give certainty and direction to the audience who are SECRETLY BEGGING TO BE LEAD to your product table where they will happily comply with some more of your instructions.

The Real Cost

If you add up your time and the time of the people around you, the cost of putting together and delivering a speech could total £/$/€6,000 or even, £/$/€20,000 in hours, and, the cost of not doing other sales, marketing or delivery related work. And yet, I still see people forget to launch a CTA, have nothing to offer and, thus, guarantee a zero return by wimping out of asking directly for the audience’s business.

Profit, growth and security

OFFER – If you want to know more about the 11 essential elements of a crowd warming and audience converting speech, then do send me an E Mail mentioning your next speech to, Matthew Hill on


If you think that this is all too American, salesy and brash (and you are absolutely entitled to your opinion) then, STOP accepting speaking engagements because they are probably costing you money!

If you get it, want to step up and are excited to feel the buzz of a stage invasion, then, I would love to hear from you. Do please drop me a short E Mail about your up and coming speaking opportunity.

Thanks and good luck with your next killer presentation – With its built-in, assertive and effective CTA – Call to ACTION.

matthew hill, leadership author, speaker and trainer

Presentation Coach Matthew Hill

Author Profile – Matthew Hill is a Presentation skills trainer, coach and keynote speaker who sells from the stage and sells via International webinars too. He helps corporate executives and independent solo-preneurs to reach their full business growth potential, guiding them to structured performance excellence, action, and, profitable audience conversion rates.


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Matthew Hill is a leadership author, coach and trainer with a passion for helping newly promoted managers become inner and outer leaders.
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