Gain Self Confidence – Big and Bold – Thursday, 18th September at 2PM

WEBINAR – Gain Self Confidence – Build it Big and BOLD

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This power hour of Confidence Ideas will leave you feeling free, light and positive – ready to face your challenges with courage and resourcefulness.

Join us and discover that your extra confidence already exists but is simply under wraps.

We will expand on key techniques to reignite your strength, your certainty and your happiness. 
Whether you are afraid of public speaking, a bullying boss or want a promotion, you will get the help you need to reach for the next level and live a fuller, richer and more fulfilling life. 

During the show you will discover;

· What confidence really is
· Why most people feel that they don’t have enough control over it
· When it all went wrong and what you can do about it
· How to quickly feel better
· How to Fake it until you make it
· How to influence, charm and exude confidence

At the end you will have;

· At least 5 methods to apply immediately
· A sense of excitement about your future journey
· A clear pathway to a more confident you
· Exercises that will make a difference immediately
· A new approach to your physical, emotional and intellectual self

Come on in, the water is lovely – in Lake Confidence. 

About matthew

Matthew Hill is a leadership author, coach and trainer with a passion for helping newly promoted managers become inner and outer leaders.
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