Do You Need To Feel More Power and Confidence Before Going Into Your Next Meeting, Starting In 15 Minutes? – A Top Resilience and Confidence Tip – Recording Your Own Bespoke Affirmation Resource – Enjoy The Process & Love The Result. – A “How To” Post by Assertiveness and Presentation Skills Trainer, Matthew Hill #confidence #affirmation #resilience #power #success #feelgood

Invest in yourself and create a recording of your greatness to listen to, before each and every big occasion.


Do you want to help yourself become super prepared and in-the-zone before making that speech, chairing that all important meeting, networking with those scary bigwigs, pitching your business idea to some high-rollers or, are you meeting your prospective Mother-In-Law tomorrow?

This practical post will take you from feeling like a nervous, hesitant wallflower to being a centred, confident and resilient powerhouse. And, it will work again and again, EVERY DAY.

Esteem Issues – Unless you are a psychopath, you will have days when you experience lower self-esteem, drive and confidence and where the prospect of “putting on a show” fills you with dread. Here, we borrow a little magic from NLP and package up your best past and make it available to you in the now. How useful does that sound? So, here we go…

Go for it

Action time – Start writing out your “best of” lists, refine and hone them, as you type them up, collecting them in a power word document that will represent the best version of YOU.

Go girl

Please do this with a positive heart, a clear mind, and, keep at it until you fill the pages. There are 9 great lists to fill in. Enjoy doing the work and you will reap the reward when you record them for your everlasting affirmation “tape.”

Profile – When you look at the files on your computer, you will probably find many different versions of your personal profile. You never threw out your main one – Just adding words and clients or awards as you accumulated them.

When would now be the time to dust off that document and give it a spring clean? Does it contain a killer profile sentence? “I help (target customer type, W) to achieve (customer W’s dreamed of outcome and result, X) by providing (product / service, Z) in (unique and value added way, Z) and I do this because (purpose, manifestation of your drivers and values – inserted here) and, because it is the right thing to do…”

Deal Sheet – This is your prestigious client list, types of people you work with, or, institutions you have helped, and, a general exercise in reflected glory. Do please, enjoy filling out this long and illustrious list (and refresh it regularly.) Just the names being read back to you will fill you with excitement, good memories and top up your identity bucket with value and glory.

Country, place list. If you are a carbon basher (that is a conversation for another time) list the places where you have conducted business. This will probably be a more impressive list than you first think and, again fill you with a positive vibration and excitement.

What, specifically do you do? – Here we are looking for actions, applications, verbs, applied competencies etc. that will give you the feeling that you are a valid and dynamic action woman or action man, and, have a wide and deep capability. You get the job done.

Incoming praise – Why do all the heavy lifting yourself? Take a moment to record all the kind, true and positive things others have said about you over the years. Your LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements are an easy place to start – Pick out and note key power phrases that someone else has said about you and that make you feel good. References for jobs, if you have access to them are a gold mine. Positive appraisal comments that stick in your mind are worth their weight. Even, kind words said at a birthday, anniversary or leaving do speech can be canabalised for this exercise. Any memory of someone you respect, saying something both true and positive will be just the right phrase to note down for this affirmation compilation list.

Numbers – I was coaching an executive moving from Germany to the US the other month, and he talked about launching his new senior role to his assembled team, using a one slide presentation – On the slide were 8 circles, each containing a one or two digit number. He expanded – “This is my life, summed up in 8 numbers.” He went on to tell a simple story of his life and work using those numbers.

Aim high

What numbers do you have? Your life experiences will soon add up to some impressive figures – How many customers have you served? Awards have you won? Posts have you posted? Trainees have you trained? Products have you sold? Etc.

My example is specific to me and illustrates how quickly the numbers grow. 30, 5, 4, 500, 136 – I have presented and trained in more than 30 countries, written 5 books (with 2 more coming), worked for 4 Governments, published 500 pieces on the internet, won two major prizes, and, my newsletter has been read in 136 countries, etc. etc. etc.

Zoom in on achievements – Here, you may get a little overwhelmed, so focusing on your more recent achievements can really boost your morale. What have you won and done in the last 12 months?

Gratitude list – Reader’s that know me, know that I am never more than 4 feet away from a gratitude list. Writing down, fresh every day, 50 or 75 simple, small and ordinary things that you are grateful for, is an amazingly life affirming exercise.

When you have done this 10 times or so, you will have the chance to pick out the highlights to form a truly outstanding gratitude list to add to your affirmation catalogue.

Purpose – This can be an extension of your, “I help…” statement or something entirely different. It may contain your version of your identity, your mission, your vision, your hopes and dreams and will, probably, reflect your purpose in work and life too.

OK so far? If you need to get in contact with me and ask a question, send a short E Mail to

Take a breather. And,

Make Your Affirmation Product – Now, comes the fun bit. Print off your sweaty lists and walk around the house, creating eloquent statements from your basic notes. ***Create an encouraging product by imagining you are talking to a slightly younger and more nervous version of yourself and you are delivering an inspirational pep talk to this you figure, before an important speech.*** What tone will work best?

When you have done this 2, 3 or 4 times, you will be ready to record your own affirmation product.

What tone will help you?

You might think that this would end up being a 2-hour monologue that will send you to sleep. In practice, however, it normally works out at 10 to 20 minutes of powerful, encouraging and exciting super-material, that really hits the spot, revs you up and releases an abundance of happy chemicals, “can-do” thoughts, and, helps you to overcome nerves, hesitation and worry.

Use a good microphone, your smartphone or your laptop, and, then clean up the result, editing out umms, aagghs, verbal fluffs and word misfires.

Result – You will be left with the single most encouraging audio product ever invented to boost your mood, fill you with resilience and confidence and put you in the most productive, creative and awesome mood for the whole day.

Affirmations work on the subconscious mind

What have we just done? Researched it once, rehearsed it 4 times, recorded it once, edited it once, and, you now have something truly powerful, that you can use EVERY DAY!

How cool is that?

Over to you – The sooner you kill your doubt, get stuck into compiling your lists, the sooner you will finish your off-the-charts, affirmation super-product, and, start benefiting from being able to put yourself in an optimal state, on demand, for all those important moments that just keep coming your way.

***All the best with making your affirmation product.***

Author profile – Matthew Hill is a presentation, assertiveness and confidence coach, working with European Corporate executives to help them get the most out of their careers and give the most to their customers, in an ethical and sustainable way.

For a positive exchange, please do drop Matthew a short E Mail via

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