Dealing with Difficult People – Strategies for SUCCESS!

 Join us for a webinar on 13th March 2PM London Time. Register now!

                     Who are your biggest interpersonal challenges?

                            Difficult People? 


It is central to your management role but do you know as much as you need to about dealing successfully with different and challenging employees? 

Is avoidance of confrontation getting you in trouble? 

This complimentary (zero cost) webinar will help you diagnose interpersonal issues more effectively and deal with them constructively. 

We invite you to register today and experience the benefits of a people strategy for yourself. 

The 60-minute Webinar includes; 

• The 7 most prevalent problem types and HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM 

• The single most effective sentence in management

• A quick win method of getting out of the PC trap 

• A technique that will ALWAYS give you power and confidence 

• A blue print for dealing with people that is aligned with your HR and people strategies 

The Benefit for You; 

• Strengthen your management muscles 

• Reframe difficult as DIFFERENT 

• Become a confident conflict handler 

• Truly connect with people (your partner, boss, children, colleagues and customers) 

• Articulate and convey your Leadership authority with passion, potency and higher IMPACT 

After the webinar you will have; 

• Fewer people issues in your in-tray 

• Become a navigator / player 

• Gained a deeper knowledge of how challenging people think and feel 

• Be given the choice never to be intimidated again, EVER 

• A new perception of your gifts, talents and personal charisma 

• The skills to build bonds between people that you did not think possible 

• A great portable skill 
Places are limited to 100 (webinar capacity) – so first come first served. Don’t miss out on this rare complimentary opportunity to make a difference to your job, family, friendships and your community. 


 Register at;

        Thanks, Matthew

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Matthew Hill is a leadership author, coach and trainer with a passion for helping newly promoted managers become inner and outer leaders.
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