Complimentary Negotiation WEBINAR – 7PM UK, 8PM, Germany Tuesday 9th October 2012

Get more from MORE, Negotiate to the MAX

Learn to negotiate with tough opponents without getting flustered. Grow your inner calm and resources. 

Learn how to create a "bigger pie" and get more for yourself, ethically. 

Find out how to deal with the scary tactics of other negotiators as well. 

Come along and in a safe and fun learning environment, stretch yourself and learn how to get a little more almost every time. 

We want you to grow in confidence as you realise you can always get just a little MORE in a suprizing way – Not bybeating your opponent but by working WITH them. 

We will look at your opponent, your fear and the mechanics of the negotiation process. You will learn how people argue and what you can do about it. And we will touch on a couple of ADVANCED techniques for you to consider. 
Bring your issues and questions along for a deep dive into negotiation

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We look forward to seeing you there,

Matthew 07813 760 711matthew's coaching club for new leaders

About matthew

Matthew Hill is a leadership author, coach and trainer with a passion for helping newly promoted managers become inner and outer leaders.
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