Boosting The Impact Of Your Commercial Presentations – Are You Making A Splash Or Just Being A Drip? – How To Move Your Audience To Think, Feel & Do Something Different – A presentation post by Matthew Hill #presentation #skills #trainer #coach #growth #change #profit

How to make every minute of your speech move your audience towards taking profound and dynamic action.

It’s Party Time – There are three parties in any convincing keynote, pitch or presentation – You – the presenter, your material, and, most importantly, your AUDIENCE. The audience are last, and, very much, most.

Avatars are not blue – Have you put in the work? Do you know what your VIP audience had for breakfast? Are you inside their heads? Do you know what they know and think is right, up to date and current? And, have you researched to find out, which part of that belief is false, out of date and, now, incorrect?

Do you know your audience?

The TED example – The best TED talks lead you along a comfortable path, setting out a context that is familiar, often based on the speaker’s own experience. They tell their story. And then, bang, in minute 7, they reveal how they had a stroke, went bankrupt or were arrested… and your world changes, as you hear about what happened to them next, and, how this lead them to discovering a new paradigm. At the end of a good TED, the speaker’s epiphany and shift will be boiled down to a few high value gifts and takeaways for you admire and action.

TED talks are the most successful thing around because they have mastered the formula of speaking for impact.

New Paradigm

UBER, Amazon, Airbnb, Deliveroo & Netflix – This companies shared a revolution seeing Apps replace bricks, metal and glass. This change cannot now be reversed. A move to go “physical asset free”, represents a strategic inflection point, SIP as Intel’s Andy Grove would say. Once the Rubicon has been crossed, there is no going back.

Altitude sickness – “The bar is set quite high then!”, I hear you gasp. Is Matthew saying that I have to take my business to the cloud for the next stage? Maybe, but that is not the point. It is about bringing your clients up to speed with the commercial realities and truths about customer experience in 2019, 2020 and, 2021.


Insights – When mapping your audience before launching your keynote speech, business pitch or sales chat, list all the assumptions that your customer is making, or, has made. What do they believe will remain a constant? EU membership, the law, exchange rates, VAT, open plan offices in Capital cities, or, maybe, the continued dominance of middle-class white male managers?

What got you here, won't get you all the way there!

Untie a belief – If you can take one of these certainties, and, question it in a credible way, you will release someone from a long held micro-belief.

***If you can do this 3 times in 40 minutes, you will position yourself as a super-influencer and gain the reputation of a truth-telling visionary***

And, you will be followed, respected and listened to.

When we uncouple from the past, we free ourselves in the now, to shift and take on the new, and so, feel more positive about the journey of change.

That is the theory anyway.

Have your audience connect with an alternative future.


Fear concentrates the mind – Having worked with many organisations undertaking change, it is clear to me, that the one constant in change is a negative feeling tied to impending loss. It is crucial that you understand this and refer to it in a specific way, as you position your pitch and craft your change-based communication.

In the mind of the listener, loss of identity, security and habit come to the fore. It is this weird energy that, in a complex way, becomes the energy of renewal. The old must be dismantled to make space for the new and this comes with pain, anxiety and risk.

Guide – As you start off on your pitch, you are a stranger. A well-structured delivery will take the AUDIENCE through the necessary stages of questioning and detachment, and begin to position you as their new trusted guide.

As you help your audience move from contentment and delusion, through confusion, then, via submission, to inspiration, you will win more than their applause. You will earn the respect given to someone delivering a better future.

Homework – Before your next presentation, ask, “Where does the audience need to detach?” What must they move away from? Windows XP, CDs, cash purchases, bookstores, state pensions, high street shops, or, a free NHS at the point of delivery?

Words for impact


What sort of pitch/speech/call will you have to research, structure and deliver to start this change?

Commercial Sales Presentation – The Components Of A Super Pitch

1. Punchy title – appropriate & short to interrupt your audience and gain their attention

2. Connect to the Avatar – reads the mind of the audience and identifies with them, showing them that you, “Know who they are, where they are at, and, how they feel now.”

3. Deepening the need – three questions for the audience to open up their “problem” and have them feel something.

4. Fear – this is the “cost of not” statement that creates contrast and begins to build motivation for the audience to take action. I.e. “This is what will happen if you do not develop…”

5. Wish – the opposite of the above, the wish spells out the best future for the audience if they take the offer (- the thing you are pitching.)

6. CTA – Call to Action – directing the passive observer to engage, move and take action.

Super Copy

7. Content – 2 or 3 sections that contain – assumptions people are currently making, the consequences of these false assumptions, where people go wrong, and, the value of doing something new or different, i.e. what they can do and change to get a better result – more contrast.

8. Takeaways – what are the benefits and learnings that the audience can expect when they commit? What is the upside for them? WIIFT?

9. Details of the offer – what, where, when, and, outlining the customer experience and benefit pathway

10. Qualifying out – an important psychological process. This aims to exclude any time wasters and low value customers, early in the process. And it reinforces the appropriate nature of the offer to those that are NOT qualified out – they sense that the offer will be of MORE specific value to them and that they are joining an exclusive club.

11. Cost – cheap can represent a problem – it does not instill commitment and take-up rates can be low. This section emphasises the value of the offer to boost follow-through and action.

12. CTA – Call to Action – repetition of the main action to be taken.

13. Instruction – how to take the one important action.

14. Pleasant endnote – a warm piece of communication to help the in-group feel good and appropriate when taking the prescribed steps – Thus anticipating buyer’s remorse before it has happened.

Super Copy gives Super Outcomes


If you can unhook an audience member from one of their micro-beliefs, you create an amazing and rare space. You now have the chance to fill this open zone with something of profound value.

***Do please treat your new super powers with respect***

I wish you well with your next, world-changing pitch.

About the author – Matthew Hill is a trainer, keynote speaker, coach and qualified mediator, working with corporate executives to enhance their ethical influencing via presentations and compelling text.

If you would like to contact Matthew about giving a keynote speech to your organisation, or arranging a training course for your team, do send a short E Mail to, or call 07540 65 9995.

matthew hill, leadership author, speaker and trainer

Presentation Coach Matthew Hill





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Your Voice Can Be A Valuable Asset – The Benefits of Developing and Deploying Your Voice As A CAREER Building Weapon. Talking the beautiful talk – Warbling your way to wealth – A Presentation Post by Presentation Skills Trainer and Coach, Matthew Hill #presentation #skills #voice

Let’s make the most out of an often overlooked resource – Your voice.

A Great Voice –The Benefits

Put simply – There will be a positive earnings dividend for those who work on their voice and develop its melodic capabilities to the max. And, I am not talking about winning a TV talent show. Customers and clients would rather listen to a pleasant, sonorous voice that a scratchy, squeaky weaker one. They will stay longer, learn more from you, and, even AGREE with what you are saying!

The hills are alive with the sound of beautiful voices

***A silly example – I have a friend in London and we do a little business together occasionally. I left a message on her answer phone one time, and, the next day, we spoke. She seemed amused and excited as told me, she must share a funny conversation she had had with her assistant – Her assistant (having only heard my brief message and never actually met me) said, “Wow – Who is Matthew? I would marry him! It would be so nice to have a husband that sounded like that.” – The power of the voice.***

Beauty pays

We know from Hollywood films, talent shows and magazines that beauty converts into wealth and opportunity. Physical beauty. What is less considered is that having a beautiful voice can work in the same way.

And developing your voice takes less time and money than optimising your looks!

Differentiation – Identity and confidence develop from owning what you have, accepting your talents and features, and, making the best of your assets.

Again, the voice is special because it can be trained, enhanced and improved to make more of an impact, a better impression and work to bring you advantage.

Sounds good

Brand – You might now contemplate shifting the emphasis of your self-marketing efforts if you are starting off with a voice quality of more than 6 out of 10. And, here’s why.

Remember this is where you start – With work, everybody can move up a level in resonance, eloquence and projection. Imagine where you could be in just 100 day’s time. Your voice could be the winning factor in getting promoted, being chosen for a high status project, or, being asked to represent your company at a luxury overseas event. It can be worth its weight in gold (or salary increases, plane tickets and positive attention.)

Character – What does your voice, say about you now? I am guessing that, unless you have a naturally different voice – high or low, rich or reedy, no one, including yourself, had given it too much thought.

Think about radio casting – They super-listen to the tone, timbre, range, richness and resonance of an actor’s voice, as well as their articulation, eloquence, diction and accent, when casting for radio plays or when searching for a new presenter.

Does your voice speak well of you? Does it project trust, energy, dynamism, certainty, authority, playful fun, professionalism, charm, character, or maybe, flirtatious excitement?

Or, do you want it to?

Attention and Commands – ***Another silly Matthew story about voice (and gender.) I was the only Dad helping out on a primary school trip, with my youngest son, as we visited a museum in London. The two-stage plan was to have a picnic lunch in the park next to the institution, and then, go in and look around. We had only just sat on the grass and unpacked our boxes of juice, crisps and sandwiches when, splattering drops of rain were detected by the children.

In my mind on that day and in those circumstances, I saw myself as a low-status, back of the queue, volunteer, with no say in what would happen next. I spoke simply to add options to the discussion, wishing to contribute a single idea for what we might do next with the soggy children.

“Maybe, we could all move under that big tree.” My voice was confident but my tone was not commanding or bossy. Guess what happened next? EVERYBODY, instantly got up and began to move towards the tree. Wow. The power of voice (with a side order of gender.)***

Vote – My wish for you is that you have a vote and gain a voice – In the sense of being heard amongst the discussion and thus win yourself a valid and equal seat at the decision-making table.

I believe that your voice can represent your power.

Show and Tell – Continuing on the theme of children, schools now have pupils bring in objects and tell the class about them. They promote debate and discussion and put everyone into the school play. Show and tell is the new normal. That did not happen in my day and, I feel there is a whole generation (mine) now at risk of being overtaken by natural talent from below! Now is the time for action people…before it is too late.

Action Time

Voice – The first thing we can do is sing out – In the shower, at a karaoke bar, at the football, or, around the tree at Christmas. “Where do I start?” I hear you say. Get on to YouTube and pick your favourite song and play the YT clip that includes the lyrics – Bohemian Rhapsody, here you come. Or, get a singing teacher. I lost my voice a couple of times when giving all-day coaching sessions to senior executives for the UK’s largest company, and thought – this cannot go on.

Finding the wonderful singing teacher, Rachel Tate, she taught me how to breath, sing scales, project, remember words and really go for it – “Strong and wrong is better than light and right!” Great times. I now have a Heineken voice – It can reach the places that other voices cannot.

EmphasisTop Tip Time – There are some great OVER actors that are fabulous for teaching emphasis and drama. Perfect for the meek and mild person, told by their mother, to keep quiet and only speak when spoken to. My all time favourite over-actor is Al Pacino – Never a syllable whispered! Watching larger than life thezzers (actors), will help you prepare to over do it. Remember, when you broadcast at 120% power, only 100% will land. Any less and the audience will feel short changed. Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close and Kathy Bates also come to mind (Yes, the 1980’s were the best time to be alive folks.)

Silence and Spaces – Counterintuitive as it seems – You can increase the majesty of your voice by spacing out the words, inserting silence in between each gem, to act as punctuation. This allows your audience to really hear what you have to say. Done well, this will add AUTHORITY to your persona, dignity to your speech and differentiate you from the competition.

Don’t forget to BREATHE. In my presentation skills classes, I like to amuse myself by asking the delegates to, “Just breathe in and out”. You would swear that some of them have lungs in their shoulders – Up they go in a contorted and awful mime of someone with emphysema – I shouldn’t laugh.

Breathing is about pulling down your huge, disk-like diaphragm to create a vacuum that, in turn, draws air down into your lungs – All 5 lobes of them.

When you breathe, let your diaphragm move down and your stomach move out, to draw in a deep breath. Test yourself. Draw in a deep breath and then, with control, count out loud, one number every second or so. 1,2,3,4,5 etc. If you can’t get to 10 – Quickly telephone for an emergency singing teacher to give you an urgent lesson! If you can get to 17 to 25, you are normal but can greatly improve. If you reach 30 to 40, you are already a great breather. And, around 45 to 50 – You have been hitting the gym or the field – Great job.

Warm up – Be careful with this instrument as it can be damaged or broken – Don’t smoke, drink too many spirits or talk loudly without a good warm up. All these crimes will shorten the life of your best voice. I meet plenty of people in a year who have lost the full potential of their voice through damaging habits.

voice recognition waveform and spectrum illustration


Anger is bad for the voice[/caption]

***Practice your arpeggios (look that up on YouTube and join in), have a go at deep breathing, twice a day, and, record yourself on your phone, either singing or speaking. Once you are past cringing at the awful and bizarre sound that is your voice (“OMG – Do I really sound like that?”), you can start to make rapid and impressive progress.***

Monotone is monotonous – I work with many managers and directors, most of whom are relatively unaware of the undeveloped nature of their voices. Over 3 days, we work intensively on their intonation and voice quality. The results at the end are little short of miraculous. The drone becomes the doyen. Really. So, should you be investing in your voice asset?

Your voice will get you amazing results

In conclusion – There are any number of things you can do to improve the quality of you voice and deliver a more beautiful message, so, giving yourself the chance to progress in your career, have people listen harder and longer to your story, and, experience people liking you more, trusting you more, and even, following you under a big tree when it starts to rain.

I wish you all the best with your voice development work and the rewards you will experience as a result of investing in this, your most wonderful hidden asset.


About the Author – Matthew Hill is a presentation skills trainer and coach as well as a choir singer, former trumpeter, keynote speaker and Master of Ceremonies. To contact him and find out more about his half-day, one-day and three-day presentation skills courses, please, send a short E Mail to, or call 07540 65 9995.

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Do You Need To Feel More Power and Confidence Before Going Into Your Next Meeting, Starting In 15 Minutes? – A Top Resilience and Confidence Tip – Recording Your Own Bespoke Affirmation Resource – Enjoy The Process & Love The Result. – A “How To” Post by Assertiveness and Presentation Skills Trainer, Matthew Hill #confidence #affirmation #resilience #power #success #feelgood

Invest in yourself and create a recording of your greatness to listen to, before each and every big occasion.


Do you want to help yourself become super prepared and in-the-zone before making that speech, chairing that all important meeting, networking with those scary bigwigs, pitching your business idea to some high-rollers or, are you meeting your prospective Mother-In-Law tomorrow?

This practical post will take you from feeling like a nervous, hesitant wallflower to being a centred, confident and resilient powerhouse. And, it will work again and again, EVERY DAY.

Esteem Issues – Unless you are a psychopath, you will have days when you experience lower self-esteem, drive and confidence and where the prospect of “putting on a show” fills you with dread. Here, we borrow a little magic from NLP and package up your best past and make it available to you in the now. How useful does that sound? So, here we go…

Go for it

Action time – Start writing out your “best of” lists, refine and hone them, as you type them up, collecting them in a power word document that will represent the best version of YOU.

Go girl

Please do this with a positive heart, a clear mind, and, keep at it until you fill the pages. There are 9 great lists to fill in. Enjoy doing the work and you will reap the reward when you record them for your everlasting affirmation “tape.”

Profile – When you look at the files on your computer, you will probably find many different versions of your personal profile. You never threw out your main one – Just adding words and clients or awards as you accumulated them.

When would now be the time to dust off that document and give it a spring clean? Does it contain a killer profile sentence? “I help (target customer type, W) to achieve (customer W’s dreamed of outcome and result, X) by providing (product / service, Z) in (unique and value added way, Z) and I do this because (purpose, manifestation of your drivers and values – inserted here) and, because it is the right thing to do…”

Deal Sheet – This is your prestigious client list, types of people you work with, or, institutions you have helped, and, a general exercise in reflected glory. Do please, enjoy filling out this long and illustrious list (and refresh it regularly.) Just the names being read back to you will fill you with excitement, good memories and top up your identity bucket with value and glory.

Country, place list. If you are a carbon basher (that is a conversation for another time) list the places where you have conducted business. This will probably be a more impressive list than you first think and, again fill you with a positive vibration and excitement.

What, specifically do you do? – Here we are looking for actions, applications, verbs, applied competencies etc. that will give you the feeling that you are a valid and dynamic action woman or action man, and, have a wide and deep capability. You get the job done.

Incoming praise – Why do all the heavy lifting yourself? Take a moment to record all the kind, true and positive things others have said about you over the years. Your LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements are an easy place to start – Pick out and note key power phrases that someone else has said about you and that make you feel good. References for jobs, if you have access to them are a gold mine. Positive appraisal comments that stick in your mind are worth their weight. Even, kind words said at a birthday, anniversary or leaving do speech can be canabalised for this exercise. Any memory of someone you respect, saying something both true and positive will be just the right phrase to note down for this affirmation compilation list.

Numbers – I was coaching an executive moving from Germany to the US the other month, and he talked about launching his new senior role to his assembled team, using a one slide presentation – On the slide were 8 circles, each containing a one or two digit number. He expanded – “This is my life, summed up in 8 numbers.” He went on to tell a simple story of his life and work using those numbers.

Aim high

What numbers do you have? Your life experiences will soon add up to some impressive figures – How many customers have you served? Awards have you won? Posts have you posted? Trainees have you trained? Products have you sold? Etc.

My example is specific to me and illustrates how quickly the numbers grow. 30, 5, 4, 500, 136 – I have presented and trained in more than 30 countries, written 5 books (with 2 more coming), worked for 4 Governments, published 500 pieces on the internet, won two major prizes, and, my newsletter has been read in 136 countries, etc. etc. etc.

Zoom in on achievements – Here, you may get a little overwhelmed, so focusing on your more recent achievements can really boost your morale. What have you won and done in the last 12 months?

Gratitude list – Reader’s that know me, know that I am never more than 4 feet away from a gratitude list. Writing down, fresh every day, 50 or 75 simple, small and ordinary things that you are grateful for, is an amazingly life affirming exercise.

When you have done this 10 times or so, you will have the chance to pick out the highlights to form a truly outstanding gratitude list to add to your affirmation catalogue.

Purpose – This can be an extension of your, “I help…” statement or something entirely different. It may contain your version of your identity, your mission, your vision, your hopes and dreams and will, probably, reflect your purpose in work and life too.

OK so far? If you need to get in contact with me and ask a question, send a short E Mail to

Take a breather. And,

Make Your Affirmation Product – Now, comes the fun bit. Print off your sweaty lists and walk around the house, creating eloquent statements from your basic notes. ***Create an encouraging product by imagining you are talking to a slightly younger and more nervous version of yourself and you are delivering an inspirational pep talk to this you figure, before an important speech.*** What tone will work best?

When you have done this 2, 3 or 4 times, you will be ready to record your own affirmation product.

What tone will help you?

You might think that this would end up being a 2-hour monologue that will send you to sleep. In practice, however, it normally works out at 10 to 20 minutes of powerful, encouraging and exciting super-material, that really hits the spot, revs you up and releases an abundance of happy chemicals, “can-do” thoughts, and, helps you to overcome nerves, hesitation and worry.

Use a good microphone, your smartphone or your laptop, and, then clean up the result, editing out umms, aagghs, verbal fluffs and word misfires.

Result – You will be left with the single most encouraging audio product ever invented to boost your mood, fill you with resilience and confidence and put you in the most productive, creative and awesome mood for the whole day.

Affirmations work on the subconscious mind

What have we just done? Researched it once, rehearsed it 4 times, recorded it once, edited it once, and, you now have something truly powerful, that you can use EVERY DAY!

How cool is that?

Over to you – The sooner you kill your doubt, get stuck into compiling your lists, the sooner you will finish your off-the-charts, affirmation super-product, and, start benefiting from being able to put yourself in an optimal state, on demand, for all those important moments that just keep coming your way.

***All the best with making your affirmation product.***

Author profile – Matthew Hill is a presentation, assertiveness and confidence coach, working with European Corporate executives to help them get the most out of their careers and give the most to their customers, in an ethical and sustainable way.

For a positive exchange, please do drop Matthew a short E Mail via

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Is Speaking In Public Part Of Your Business Growth Strategy? – What One Thing Will Help Create A Profitable Return On All Your Effort? A Strong CTA – Call To ACTION! A Profitable Presentations Post by Matthew Hill #presentation #profit #speaking #keynote #ROI #business #growth #action #tips

How will you get your audience to rush the stage after your speech, waving lots of lovely green folding paper?

Opportunity or Cost?

A lot of people accept the offer to speak at a conference/congress/chamber event because their body floods with adrenaline when they start to imagine the glory and recognition that will follow. And, with sweat, structure and practice, you can bring the house to its feet and feel the love and warmth of all that applause.


A speech could also represent the poorest ROI – Return on your time and effort invested out of everything you do for the whole of this year.

Stop – Let us change all of that and match cash income and glory, to effort put in, and so, leave you smiling, long after the clapping dies down and the theatre lights dim.

Single Fastest Root To A Sale

Why speak from the stage?

The best reason is – When done well, public speaking is probably the single fastest method to warm up a cold but wealthy decision-making stranger in row G, from his or her distracted dream-world, and, lock them in on your warmth, wisdom and style, have them become engaged with your content, connect their need to your suggestions, feel feeling of deep love, and, have them RUN towards the stage and shout, “Can you do what you just did here, for my people, in my company, next month?” Bing Bang Bong – 0 to 100 in 6 seconds. Difficult to beat.

“Isn’t there a bit more to it?”

Yes. The speaker must own their subject, the stage, and, super-connect with the audience. All this BTW can be learnt, honed and brought to the required levels of excellence with instruction, coaching and practice (and maybe a little boost too from an exceptional speech writer!)

There are 11 essential elements that must be in your speech in order that it engages the audience fully and fills them up with an enormous desire to take action – to the point where the decision maker tightens the laces on their Nike running shoes, and, sets off down the aisle in your direction. More about the 11 essential elements elsewhere (Do call me for a complimentary chat if you are ready to put together your killer speech – Call Matthew now on 07540 65 9995.)

The most important of these 11 essential elements is the CTA.


Let me show you what I mean by illustrating what a CTA is NOT.


You have spoken for 15/25/45 minutes and end with, “So, in closing, thank your for listen to me going on about my thing / Pause / If you want to know a little bit more / Pause / then you might like to visit my website – h p p t ; // complex 767 website name 88 – 99 odd and forgettable  and go to the 3rd tab on the right hand side of the bluish box. This will bring up a code word that you now need to enter in the box on the first page of my second site. And put in the letters X99Y29 (case sensitive) and this will allow you one hour’s access to a PDF showing you our 2014 brochure. Sorry that this is the most up-to-date copy we have on the system.”

You get the idea.

DEATH by boredom, confusion and frustration will follow. This is not a CTA. This is a Call for any rich decision maker to vacate the place by the nearest fire exit or by smashing through a ground floor window and running away as quickly as their heavy wallets will allow.

Strong CTA Happy Audience

Getting your ACT Together to set up a compelling CTA

Before you accept the invitation to speak, realise that this could be 15 to 70 hours of prime business time that you are investing. Hours that cannot be spent on other things. Got that? Good.

Now, ask yourself the reflective questions that will turn this opportunity from a horror show to a sell-out success.

** What is your purpose?

** Who are you targeting with your business? Will they be present at this gig?

** What do they need, want and desire? Where is their pain? Can you supply then, help them or change their outcomes? Can you deliver value?

**Will the business opportunity they bring to you be manageable, profitable and sustainable?

When you have ticked these boxes and defined their nightmare, gap or void, and, matched it to your profitable offering, then you are in business.

BTW – Size matters – The audience must be of sufficient size or this is all for nothing. Did you know? – At any one time, only 3% of customers are ready to buy. If you wish to grab 3 sales from your next power speech, you need an audience of at least 300 qualified prospects! Just sayin’.

 Close that deal

Building your CTA

It is all about the set up. You must, shock them to interrupt their daydreaming, focus their attention on their lack, enhance their negative emotion by amplifying the cost of their issue, and, bring them back from the depths with a message of hope, firmly tied to you, your company and your solution.

Then, with the addition of further 11 essential elements sprinkled throughout your stage speech, it is time to make that CTA appeal.

****Are you excited?****

It can be a P4P – A product4prospects – This is the softest “offer”, where you supply something small and enticing in order to add them to your prospect list. If you give away a memory stick with a white paper on, a free consultation, etc. In return, the qualified-in audience member agrees to “opt in”, help you stay GDPR compliant, providing their first name, second name, E Mail address and permission for you to contact them.

Trip Wire – TW – Here you step up and close your first deal – Asking for a low priced sale immediately takes them way passed the prospect stage and changes their psychology and chemistry as they transform into your happy and excited new C-U-S-T-O-M-E-R. Whilst you will not be able to retire on the proceeds of their financial contribution, you have created a customer and so crossed the Rubicon. They have transitioned from an observer critic asking, “Why?” to become a mini-fan thinking, “I had better get in quick.”

Demonstration – Adding in scarcity (one of the other 11 essential elements), you offer the first 3 respondents a free demonstration of your unique model/method/process, either via webinar for those in the Outer Hebrides, or, face-to-face with a group of decision makers, if they are within a 2-hour journey of your office. When you insist the decision makers are present for the demo, you are helping yourself embed your solution with your prospect to get closer to a positive buying decision on your core offering.

Command and control

We do not use energy draining words – “Sorry, if, maybe, you might like to, any questions, etc.” No. We give certainty and direction to the audience who are SECRETLY BEGGING TO BE LEAD to your product table where they will happily comply with some more of your instructions.

The Real Cost

If you add up your time and the time of the people around you, the cost of putting together and delivering a speech could total £/$/€6,000 or even, £/$/€20,000 in hours, and, the cost of not doing other sales, marketing or delivery related work. And yet, I still see people forget to launch a CTA, have nothing to offer and, thus, guarantee a zero return by wimping out of asking directly for the audience’s business.

Profit, growth and security

OFFER – If you want to know more about the 11 essential elements of a crowd warming and audience converting speech, then do send me an E Mail mentioning your next speech to, Matthew Hill on


If you think that this is all too American, salesy and brash (and you are absolutely entitled to your opinion) then, STOP accepting speaking engagements because they are probably costing you money!

If you get it, want to step up and are excited to feel the buzz of a stage invasion, then, I would love to hear from you. Do please drop me a short E Mail about your up and coming speaking opportunity.

Thanks and good luck with your next killer presentation – With its built-in, assertive and effective CTA – Call to ACTION.

matthew hill, leadership author, speaker and trainer

Presentation Coach Matthew Hill

Author Profile – Matthew Hill is a Presentation skills trainer, coach and keynote speaker who sells from the stage and sells via International webinars too. He helps corporate executives and independent solo-preneurs to reach their full business growth potential, guiding them to structured performance excellence, action, and, profitable audience conversion rates.


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Is The Heading of Your Next Presentation So Important? – What’s In A Title? – More Than You Think A presentation article by Matthew Hill

 ***The art of grabbing eyeballs, making hearts race and stirring people, just enough, to take immediate & decisive action***

The title you chose is not a single use item – The top line of your invitation or article is not just a fire and forget sentence.

I see so many presenters employing minimum effort and no imagination, and so, wasting an oh so important moment, and then, suffering the consequences – A low revving audience, already drifting way with thoughts of sex, shopping and wondering what they will eat for supper tonight?

It’s Everywhere Remember, your presentation title will appear in multiple forms, and, each time it appears, it performs a slightly different psychological function…

Eyeballs and heart rate

E Mail invitation – Competing with click bait/spam/junk mail for the attention of the busy executive who is in default, “swiftly delete’ mode. This is tough.

Too understated a title – It won’t offend but also won’t interrupt/excite/galvanise the reader.

Too much, over the top or in your face – Spam like irritation – BANG – Deleted and gone.

Web site blurb – You have less competition here. The viewer is more committed and further along their decision-making pathway when they are reading this – They are now looking out for any reasons why not? rather than why? A slip here is really a lost opportunity when you were so close to getting the prize.

MC Introduction – Too cheesy or arrogant and the MC will turn on you with honed cynicism (I have suffered this fate myself – The host reads out your words with exaggeration, unsubtly pointing out your hyperbole and overkill – and then, brutally adds – “That is a big promise from a man… and he wrote the title and this introduction himself!” Singed to a crisp.

Or, overblowing your credibility – “And now, prepare to be utterly amazed by undoubtedly, the World’s foremost expert… – Disaster WILL follow.

Presentation Slide Title – Here crimes include being too wordy, to vague or too general – The Vague List of Death Words include – quality, excellence, growth, markets, sustainable, change, VUCA, planet, etc. – Titles containing overused words will numb your audience and create a mini zombie state in the room.

Walk the title talk itself – Please, remember, you do actually have to deliver on the promise of your title!!!

The Title has Many lives – We have hinted at the heavy lifting your title has to achieve for you. It has multiple purposes at various stages.

Interruption – Stopping busy people in their tracks / diverting them from the delete button or stopping their eyes from scanning elsewhere.

Attention – Getting something to shift in the viewer’s mind so that they semi-consciously engage – Will you hit a nerve and produce a moment of recognition?

Emotional disruption – Bizarrely, negative motivation is 2 or 3 times stronger than positive motivation, probably harking back to primitive times when our survival senses kept us safe in animal filled woods – We are all alert to scarcity, risk, danger. Use this in your title.

Stop, decide & dive deeper – It is a big ask to get someone to SPEND and invest some of their most precious resource on you? – TIME. And, there’s more…

People forget the second bonus title opportunity – The Strap Line – Giving you a second bite of the attention cherry – This is the chance to repair some of the emotional damage you have just inflicted with your provocative and terrifying main title.

With the strap line, we can address some deeper issues;

WIIFT? Benefits benefits benefits – If they invest time/money/attention in your show, what will they get at the end?

Repair – A quick reprieve from hell, soothing them as they begin to feel less violated by your outrageous title and become more engaged.

Reassurance – Here is the place to establish trust, if you can. Worth the trouble? – The constant equation to balance for busy people is, time put in v output. Here is the place to sway them towards feeling, “Yes, this is worth my time.”

Trust – Proving to them that your communiqué is not about a timeshare or pyramid selling scam.

Reinforcement – The chance to create a strong first impression aligning them with your purpose.

Promise – A title is a promise and represents a contract between you, the presenter supplier, and them, the audience receiver. In order to build and retain trust, you must be competent, maintain good intentions and keep the promises you stated in your title.

Pitch – Every title is a plea for a deal – An exchange of attention for advantage. Knowing this will sharpen your mind when it comes to writing and publishing your next presentation title.

Target – Every title has a target – If you miss yours, you will engage with and, soon annoy, your duped and confused “other” audience – Not cool and a waste of everybody’s time.


Creativity Time – Brainstorm 100 words on a page – Go for it with an initial burst of words. Expect to then dry up. Take a moment and wait for a second wind to arrive. Go for it again. And, you will run out a second time. You are not done yet. Wait… and, one more burst. Great – Now you will have captured 90% of the words that you can. Next – work on word combinations, double meanings and clever formulations or arrangements and, with a bit of luck, you MIGHT just have a compelling and effective title. Find out by testing your new property on a tame, kind and honest audience. (My youngest son is my harshest critic and so a perfect test subject for my persuasion based text – If Benj doesn’t go for it, I chuck it out! – I have learnt that his truth IS THE TRUTH.)

When you have something that works – Spread it wide and watch the attention and attendance build. You have earned every new eyeball and ear. Well done.

Conclusion – I hope we have delivered on the title of this piece about titles. Are you now ready to upgrade your next presentation and top it with a zinger of a heading and a benefits laden strap line? I hope so. If you need any further input from me than just drop me a short e mail at

Happy presenting…

Author Profile – Matthew Hill is an author, keynote speaker, presentation trainer, presentation coach and interculturalist. He has given more than 100 keynote speeches in more than 30 countries and has written 5 books and many articles about presenting, presentation skills and writing for impact.

Do contact him on 07540 65 9995.

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