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Matthew Hill is a leadership author, coach and trainer with a passion for helping newly promoted managers become inner and outer leaders.

Boosting The Impact Of Your Commercial Presentations – Are You Making A Splash Or Just Being A Drip? – How To Move Your Audience To Think, Feel & Do Something Different – A presentation post by Matthew Hill #presentation #skills #trainer #coach #growth #change #profit

How to make every minute of your speech move your audience towards taking profound and dynamic action. It’s Party Time – There are three parties in any convincing keynote, pitch or presentation – You – the presenter, your material, and, …

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Your Voice Can Be A Valuable Asset – The Benefits of Developing and Deploying Your Voice As A CAREER Building Weapon. Talking the beautiful talk – Warbling your way to wealth – A Presentation Post by Presentation Skills Trainer and Coach, Matthew Hill #presentation #skills #voice

Let’s make the most out of an often overlooked resource – Your voice. A Great Voice –The Benefits Put simply – There will be a positive earnings dividend for those who work on their voice and develop its melodic capabilities …

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Do You Need To Feel More Power and Confidence Before Going Into Your Next Meeting, Starting In 15 Minutes? – A Top Resilience and Confidence Tip – Recording Your Own Bespoke Affirmation Resource – Enjoy The Process & Love The Result. – A “How To” Post by Assertiveness and Presentation Skills Trainer, Matthew Hill #confidence #affirmation #resilience #power #success #feelgood

Invest in yourself and create a recording of your greatness to listen to, before each and every big occasion. Dream? Do you want to help yourself become super prepared and in-the-zone before making that speech, chairing that all important meeting, …

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Is Speaking In Public Part Of Your Business Growth Strategy? – What One Thing Will Help Create A Profitable Return On All Your Effort? A Strong CTA – Call To ACTION! A Profitable Presentations Post by Matthew Hill #presentation #profit #speaking #keynote #ROI #business #growth #action #tips

How will you get your audience to rush the stage after your speech, waving lots of lovely green folding paper? A lot of people accept the offer to speak at a conference/congress/chamber event because their body floods with adrenaline when …

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Is The Heading of Your Next Presentation So Important? – What’s In A Title? – More Than You Think A presentation article by Matthew Hill

 ***The art of grabbing eyeballs, making hearts race and stirring people, just enough, to take immediate & decisive action*** The title you chose is not a single use item – The top line of your invitation or article is not …

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