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Matthew Hill – 07540 65 9995, matthew.hill@hillnetworks.com

With qualifications in Psychology, NLP, Presentations, Mediation (CEDR ACCREDITED) Intercultural and Leadership training, as well as Conflict and Communication, Matthew has worked with more than 27,500 people and is regarded as one of Britain’s most dynamic presentation and leadership trainers writers and speakers. Matthew brings a new energy to an area that can sometimes be considered technical, dry and too academic. He trains and presents using powerful techniques and strategies in the UK and throughout Europe where, via face-to-face training and webinars, he awakens audiences to their awesome inner resources to release an abundance of leadership capability. Matthew has worked with such companies as Facebook, The Science Council, SAP, Tesco, Kimberly Clark, Motorola, GE Capital, Swedish Steel, Vodafone, Orange, AXA Insurance, Renault, the British Army, Diageo – Guinness, Unilever, Nike, Deutsche Bank, Jaguar Land Rover, Chevrolet and Proctor & Gamble. He shakes up the habits and beliefs of new teams and leaders to inspire them to action, facilitating their growth in confidence, credibility and competence. It is, however, through running his own business and giving his time to not-for-profit leadership projects, that Matthew has gained his greatest insights into what a great leader’s core skills need to be. He has invested the last 20 years in developing a powerful framework of language, techniques and tools to enable new teams and leaders to benefit from maximum leadership capital. As a speaker, trainer and author, Matthew now spends his time teaching people powerful techniques to make dramatic changes to their belief systems and thereby positively growing their leadership presence and impact.

Matthew Hill

Today is  “International Leadership day” and our next guest is a leadership trainer with a difference. Having worked with 1000’s of managers starting his career in Post Communist Central Europe, he has been ideally placed to witness the disturbing similarities between old communism and old capitalism. Matthew Hill has emerged from his time in Central Europe with a strong sense of what transformational leaders needs to do to be effective in todays complex and fast moving market. He is here today to talk about the promise of transformational leadership.