5 Ways to Take Back Time


Make Time to have The Time of YOUR Life

So many people that I encounter see time as their enemy and an indomitable force that they become a victim of. 

Here are 5 ideas for you to consider to free yourself from the slavery of time scarcity; 

1. Who’s Urgent?

When training professionals in Time Management and Self Management the greatest “a ha” moment comes with the sentence that follows. Are you ready? 

There are two types of URGENT – the things that are urgent to other people and the things that are urgent to YOU. 

Making this simple distinction will put you on the path to success, health and increased happiness. 

Other people’s urgent stuff serves them and probably blocks you. It messes up your day and needs to be defended against. The more of your work you do, the more you get done. The more of other people’s work you do, the more they will give you tomorrow. 

2. Just say “NO”

Learning to build your inner esteem is realised when you own your “NO”.

When you have the personal power to push back you will be treated with more respect and not as the slave to be dumped on. By being assertive you share out the power more evenly and allow for an adult and sensible conversation to occur. A conversation that is reasonable and in which you can represent and articulate your own needs. 

3. Protect your GOLDEN TIME.

When are you at your best? Early morning? After the second coffee? Or are you a night owl?

Find out when you are at full steam and carve out an hour on maximum power. Turn off the gadgets, close the door and repel all boarders. Your golden time will make the difference between continuing in misery and changing to a better life. Have all your resources ready and enjoy this effective and productive time.

If you are in a reactive role and need to be on call then you can still grab 30 or 45 minutes to perform truly valuable work. 

4. Work ON your role not just IN it.

If you are reading this you are probably a diligent and loyal worker who cares about your team and the customers and wants to give of your best. What you may be ignoring whilst performing your duties are.. you and your job.

Take at least one of your GOLDEN hours a week to work ON your role and yourself. The King of time management, Stephen R. Covey would say, “sharpen your saw”. Work on your productive CAPACITY not just your rusty production. 


When you fail to plan you are in fact planning to fail. Anticipate and plan for your GOLDEN hour. Have the telephone numbers, e mail addresses and facts at hand before you begin. Get comfortable and get yourself in the right mental state to give it everything for those 60 power minutes. This is the time that you are investing in improvement, change and yourself. 

In just 6 months you will not recognise yourself as you change from victim to PLAYER and start to enjoy the increased respect of all those around you that now see your true potential coming out. 

Good luck with your change journey. 

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