5 Requirements to attain Rewarding Resilience

"Don't Sweat the SMALL Stuff" (Richard Carson) 

If we work with a simple definition of resilience – robust continuance in the face of threat, risk and change and the ability to stay grounded and resourceful – then we need to take action to maintain a balance in our lives and prepare ourselves for the light wind that threatens to knock our ship off course. Here are 5 ideas to put into practice – Let me know how you get on! 

1. 20 Acts of Kindness – Starting each day with the intent of putting energy IN the system is the right way to go. It can be with thanks and appreciation, a smile or holding the door open for someone carrying their groceries. It could be a powerful truth well told, a charitable donation or looking after someone’s kids whilst they attend a doctor’s appointment. The concept of paying it forward within a community creates a useful vibration and is likely to result in reciprocity or at least, a less hostile and stressing environment.

2. Time out on the BLAME game. My partner recently attended a conflict resolution group where a former bomber and the daughter of one of his victims shared a platform and talked of the ultimate example of this point. They started a dialogue and formed a complex relationship to get past blame and even forgiveness. They were aiming for understanding and the chance to let the thing go. They were motivated by their communities, the needs of the other person and their personal desire for closure, meaning and peace. 

3. Know Where you ARE. We change and grow over the years and it is a sobering moment when you realise that you have moved on to a further level in the game of life. Where are you?

Play – Life is to be experienced and experimented with.

Peacock – Here, beauty and the body are centre stage.

Warrior – You are fighting for what you can get – partner, money, material possessions, promotion, recognition, etc.

Servant Leader – The energy flows the other way and you become more mindful and desire to bring harmony and growth to your community.

Wise Elder – It is time to transcend the material and earthly and to connect with a higher order. 

4. A Robust Resilience Action Plan.

Mental Resilience – Learning in order to become deeply knowing about a subject – being an expert.

Emotional Resilience – Practicing the Emotional Freedom Technique (though not necessarily when training a large group of students)

Physical Resilience– You know what you have to do…

Spiritual Resilience – Finding your personal path to enlightenment 

5. Practicing Balance Between Tolerance and STRENGTH. This comes in many forms – my favourite is the exercise to map what you KNOW – when you establish what your principles look like and you can articulate your believes easily, life becomes a lot simpler to navigate and decisions become straight forward and more comfortable. 

I hope that you find the strength and happiness that you seek

.poppies field in rays sun 

Matthew Hill is a Leadership Coach, Author and Writer.


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Matthew Hill is a leadership author, coach and trainer with a passion for helping newly promoted managers become inner and outer leaders.
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