4 Simple Selling Essentials; How to Close that DEAL

Context, Structure, Salvation and VALUE.

As a New Leader you will need to understand selling, deal closing and leading sales people! – Here is a valuable lesson for you 


The big finish is only open to those who have started. Here is a tick list of things to establish before you can turn for home. 

Unless you’re dealing with Hannibal Lecter from the purchasing department, rapport, trust and relationship play an important part in “taking the person with you”. This is done as you expand their story into a fairy tale of positive possibility and scary risk. When you perform your due diligence and scour their Linked-in profile you will have opportunities to connect and build bridges with their interests, values and drivers.

As you flex your style you become less different to them and more digestible and acceptable. 

One of the easiest ways to be credible is to provide social proof of your achievements, value and impact with testimonials and reference to your satisfied customers. Within culturally modest Britain this is best done in story and anecdote form.


One aspect that is sometimes overlooked is differentiation. Have you set yourself apart and above the competition. The worst response to your pitch will be “So WHAT?” We will return to this critical point with VALUE. Have you established your UVP’s regarding quality, customer experience, personal style, expertise and result? Is now the time to sit down in a dark room with a damp cloth on your forehead and think of clever things to say? 


Any consistent sales person knows the value of structure. The formula that covers most formulae includes the following elements;

Problem; Establishing in the customer/client’s mind that a problem exists.

Amplification; Expanding the consequences and implications of NOT taking action or taking the wrong action. Here we are playing a scary movie in the cinema of the customer’s mind and creating a modest version of HELL.

Need; The drama is necessary to motivate the customer to face and focus upon their need.

Solution; When the need is made concrete, the solution becomes routine and within reach. The diagnosis points to the cure.

Benefit; The solution’s longer term amplified rewards are now expanded upon to create a blissful and exciting vision of HEAVEN.


Once the Hitchcock script has been planted in the customer’s mind they will be feeling that a decision needs to be made. That was the point of the journey so far. Will they descend into HELL or be rescued and Ascend into HEAVEN? – Hence Salvation – That makes you John McLean in a dirty Die Hard III vest – the Hero / Heroine. 


The difference between walking away with the £100,000 contract or nothing is not the first 3 stages. They are necessary but not sufficient. The real differentiator of sales quality is in playing cleverly with a number of elements.

Long term CON (Cost of NOT) The outcome if you do not solve the problem

Long term Benefit – All the outcomes over time piled up high to be admired.

Short term INVESTMENT – the cost of the contract NOW!


The perception of value lies in creating a contrast in the mind of the customer between the vast big picture gain vs the short term pain of spending money.


Gain – Long term Benefit plus the savings from not failing (CON)

Investment – Upfront fee


Value is expressed in both the financial contrast between spend and benefit and the psychological contrast between the Hell of inaction and the Heaven of salvation, action and deciding to BUY.


Good luck with your selling and sales leadership.

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